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About Us
Helen Reynolds, Owner

Welcome to Foxhill Livery. Whether you are riding for pleasure, a serious competitor or needing a home for a recuperating horse, you have come to the right place.

We like to think that Foxhill is unique in its offering and is not your "ordinary" livery yard. We understand that it's the small things that make a difference and we've become pretty well known for going that extra mile. 

Foxhill is a multi-faceted business, based at three locations, Foxhill At Aldsworth, Foxhill At Lordington and Foxhill At Woodmancote, with each offering a unique service offering.


Each location however is run with the same care and attention regardless of the service offering. Well managed same sex turnout with considered grass provisions  This means we can cater for all types of doers. Bespoke feed regimes, home produced hay and haylage and on-site hacking are just some of our benefits.

If you are looking for a yard that helps meet the personal challenges of horse and rider, in a supportive  and fun environment, you may have just found your answer.

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